Biography, Jeannine Edelblut

Jeannine Edelblut began a new life in 2010 when she from moved alone from the United States to France leaving behind
her past, her culture, her previous work and most of her possessions. It is a situation where one begins again at
zero, like a youth without a past and where all experiences are new. As an artist she also began again at zero,
searching and exploring new territory seeking a new vision. And like a young artist she is starting out from square one
in a process of emergence into the European art world, with first time exhibits beginning in 2012. She is an ermerging
artist in the true sense of the word where age is irrelevent, and where the risk of entering as an unknown into unknown
territory takes courage. Genuine artistic risk involves experimentation and much trial and error. Jeannine has embraced
this trial and error process to the point that much of what she created the past 5 years has been thrown out or destroyed.
This kind of exploration is dynamic process without a fixed destination, where seeking to make visible the inviible is
never ending, and the artistic vision is perpetually emerging.
Selected Recent Exhibitions
2017Chateau Prety (Solo/Invitational)Prety, France
2017Portland Art Museum Gallery (Group/Juried)Portland, OR, USA
2016Salon d'Art Contemporain (Group/Invitational)St Antonin Noble Val, France
2016ArtPosition(Group/Invitational)St Antonin Noble Val, France
2016Siren Nation Art Festival (Group/Invitational)Portland, OR, USA
2015Chateau Ricard (Solo/Invitational)St. Geniez d”Olt, France
2014Festival d'Art International de Parisot(Group/Invitational)Parisot, France
2013La Mairie (Solo/Invitational)Limogne, France
2012Salon D'Art Figuratif(Group/Invitational)St Remy, France
2011Galerie Sharav (Group/Invitational)Villefranche de Rouergue, France
2010Art Quiver (/GroupJuried)Charlotte, NC USA
2010Agora Gallery Gallery (Group/Juried)NY, NY USA
Public Collections
First Interstate BankPrineville, OR USA
Pacific Power CollectionPortland, OR USA
St. Lawrence University CollectionCanton, NY USA
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